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EkoBaby Children noodles

Children vegetable noodles use the flour adding different vegetable juices to make different vegetable shapes, create a fun scene. What’s more, it is match with the products of the inner box ,simply and easy to identify It is worth advocating that it encourages designers to leave the computer, leave the material website, feel the real life, and get inspiration from real life.

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Coppercraft is a boutique distillery located in Holland Michigan. Originally settled in 1847 by Dutch emigrants, Holland epitomizes the small-town American dream. Coppercraft handmakes their premium small-batch spirits using authentic ingredients grown by local farmers. Coppercraft is differentiated from their competition by leveraging local ingredients and by placing a priority on their branding and packaging including investing in a custom glass bottle.

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A new pure concept for a luxury packaging that transmits energy and emotions through the design based on nature. The combinations of marble, wood and rose gold create a unique experience at the moment of being perceived. The packaging is natural, sensitive and original and generates an intimate and personal connection between mind and soul. The concepts are a new proposal that connect the five senses.

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The coffee shows thousands of colours in different shapes making a special, fun and original packaging. The packaging bag changes its colours palette all the time, taking the inspiration of the sunrise and sunsets, and the presence of local elephants heading down through humid rocks and abundant vegetation. When the sun goes down between lakes, the sunsets in Vietnam gave warm moments and deep sun reflections in the water, where the local men sailing their canoes helped create a memorable atmosphere.

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Fondillon 50 years

Fondillón is a vintage wine whose first references go back to several centuries in which kings and intellectuals remembered its aroma and properties. The MG Wines family composed of different vintages, is not only growing, but also becoming more mature. Its family history, which started in 1996, is preserved in a traditional but updated design with a masculine appearance and proud demeanour. The special shape of its label, which wraps around the bottle, is a tribute to the history of a centenary wine praised by kings and historians alike.

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Adaras Organic

A resounding design for an organic wine family Adaras. There are many ways to convey simplicity and in this design proposal, the emphasis is minimalism. The graphic symbols represent an exercise of synthesis on the natural elements of the earth on which the fruit grows and the hands of the men on them to became the liquid inside the bottle. The overall effect is a powerful, mysterious and visual that invites you to know more about the content inside.

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