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Secret Tarts

The Secret Tarps packaging is made in the so-called modernized retro/vintage style with a feeling of old-school notes so a master-pharmacist touch anticipation holds the customer from a first glance and later while the detailed observation of principal design elements coded into a holistic structure transferring the main marketing point: this product is developed by a pharmacist craft-professional company and contains hand-made pharmacist secret recipe inside.

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Shiny Meadow A2

The design is elaborated to manifest a picture that the freshest milk produced in the pasture just now is carried to the urban table through time and space, as if the first sunshine arouses us in the morning. The bottle design took inspiration from the European classic milk glass bottle and redesigned it with a modern vision. Behind the concept, there is a cultural heritage across nationalities, creating a romantic, affable and sincerity feeling, making this iconic shape even more attractive.

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Audemars Piguet X Art X Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) is a historic festivity in Asia dating back to 14th Century, with three classic traditions that are pillars to CNY: BaiNian, where family and friends visit each other’s homes with gifts and well wishes; Candy Box, with compartments of treats for guests to enjoy; Red Packets, envelopes within which tokens of care, such as money are shared. In this campaign, the three key traditions are designed into one gift. Celebrating the brand’s annual theme of APxArt, traditional CNY themes are distilled into abstract layers, breathing modernity into this classic festivity.

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As a new foreign brand will be sold in china,combining the brand culture of japanese products with the cognition of chinese people is important. Surprisingly, in chinese pronunciation, ‘pingba’ sounds like ‘pinba’, which means struggle.This label doesn‘t need to be glued, it’s fixed to the bottle by a sports bracelet. The advantage is that,the label itself is not only a label, but also an exquisite and inspiring card that could be preserved. After drinking, consumers could also remove the bracelet for wearing,so that pingba’‘s spirit could accompany and inspire them continuously.

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This is a design work with oriental characteristics. It combines three representative elements of China: national color (Chinese red), national flower (peony), and national art (embroidery). This makes the work show an elegant Chinese style. When the box is opened, it looks like an ancient Chinese furniture screen. The moire frame shows an abstract mood, and the bottle is like a collection placed on the display shelf.

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Boho Ras

Boho Ras sells packaged cocktails made with the finest local Indian spirits. The product carries a Bohemian vibe, which captures the unconventional artistic lifestyle and the visuals of the product are the abstract portrayal of the buzz that the consumer gets after drinking the cocktail. It has perfectly managed to achieve the midpoint where Global and Local meet, where they fuse to form "Glocal" vibe for the product. Boho Ras sells pure spirits in 200ml bottles and packaged cocktails in 200ml and 750 ml bottles.

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