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Electric Meets Reality

MG interactive AR projection sculpture, inside a car dealership. Untitled Studios created a playful, fun, and engaging in-store experience. The AR Projection-Mapping represents the electricity, and the sculpture portrays reality. When the two meet, they create an exhilarating experience and educate the shopper at the same time. When the projector is turned off, one can see an elegant white sculpture on the wall.

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2019 NPCCD Deck

The narrative of exploring the palace centers on a discovery challenge labeled on the side to "unlock the gate”. The choice to create earned moments in a puzzle format for the user were key to the brand's strategy of creating emotional connections with the user. The packaging is designed to reward users with discovery moments of differing magnitude, directly correlated with their effort towards the experience and brand. The user goes on a journey through different stages, rewarding the most invested customers with the finale, a genuine moment of magic.

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Frangi Premium

The solution of how to balance the general character and individuality between 5 different products in this series in quite interesting. Iris presented in each product of FRANGI as the core element, which improved the whole packaging quality and user experience with no extra expense on transportation and production. The vertical stripes which simulated plants stalk as the independent identity of this new series. With different materials, the whole series gave a vivid and unified appearance.

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Tang Chao

Miniaturization, convenience, environmental protection, and health promotion are the biggest characteristics of this packaging design. The small square box design meets the travel tea set requirements. The design of the square box adopts a tenon and mortise structure, without any glue bonding, and uses inexpensive bamboo materials, which is very environmentally friendly. In addition, the rounded corners of the bamboo box also have the function of stimulating the hand reflection area in the traditional Chinese.

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Puli is a double-cap safety pill bottle. The outer cap is connected to the inner cap by tracks. In initial status, the outer cap can be rotated freely while the inner cap will not move. For adult, by pushing the outer cap, two caps will engage by the protrusion and depressions and can be rotated synchronously to open the bottle. For children, it is difficult for them to push the outer cap due to the narrower channel design, thus making the bottle safe.

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Wen Niang

The whole glass bottle designed with an elegant curve. A spreading crane covers over 320 degree of bottle and all details is perfect which endows the wine with life and soul. Crane possesses a lofty position in oriental culture. The glass material differentiates the wine from its competitive brands, who are normally packed in ceramics. Through a modern package of the old wine, the package successfully drawn the young's attention and spread the Chinese culture of crane.

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