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The 'Darin' is designed to free modern people from reluctance to Korea's traditional health food products in the fatigue society, featuring simple, graphic clarity in delivering packages to the sensibilities of modern people, unlike the undesigned images that have been used by traditional Korean health food shops. All designs are made from motifs of blood circulation, visualizing the goal of providing vitality and health to the tired 20s and 30s.

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The main objective was to highlight Xarin packaging among the variety of labels at points of sale. Therefore, the label has an unique geometry and maximally concise design. АА Winery is a brand created by an agricultural holding in 2017. The peasant farm holding consists of only two persons, this is a key advantage. This winery is not big, for this reason each bottle is warmed by the warmth of people who are truly fond of their work. Xarin Alexander and his partner Zvyagintsev Alexander, who is a member of the peasant farm holding, have the work experience in wine growing for over 30 years.

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Save Me From

Founded by beauty industry veteran April Peck, Save Me From is a category-busting haircare treatment designed to combat six sources of hair damage: age, thermal, sun, pollution, chemical processing, and product buildup. Dubbed ‘Hair Reboots,’ each product is thoughtfully designed, showcasing the brand’s proprietary ingredient and commitment to suicide prevention. Save Me From’s packaging is a cathartic unboxing experience, requiring consumers to tear away the source of damage to reveal the product within.

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Fusion is a process of melting, combining and then integrating in one. It is a belief of the establisher of Hloipnee that combines the insistence on the product and care for the environment. The identification logo combining light spots and letters symbolizes that the light of spirit leads the brand forward, and let consumers enjoy the products that have perfect fragrance tastes and purify spirit leading to relax. It also represents the determination of Hloipnee on positive and caring environment in the future.

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The formal development of the bottle is inspired by the abstract precolonial sculpture, myths, magic, sacred geometry, the wisdom of nature, seeds, cells and spores. The precepts and philosophy used in the sculpture of Brancusi, translating the essence of things in a three-dimensional experience carried to its purest and simplest expression. The creative process had in itself an awareness of recycling and permanence conditions under the clear understanding, that a simple and convincing expression means a highly complex execution, which needs high quality materials.

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Tea and Pastry

The layout of the box surface is simple and plain, with mottled ink painting to show the tea mountain, with double helix coil outline pastry, realistic. Among them, rubbing, hook the formation of such skills, added elegance. The whole package is made of clay pot and poetry, together with the packaging box and handbag vision of heaven and earth cover, which reflects the charm and elegance of the combination of Chinese tradition and modern and contemporary culture.

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