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Yashinomi Premium Power

Yashinomi Premium Power comes in a set of a replaceable refill bag and its stand. Unlike other detergent refills, this bag-replacement design does not require users to pour liquid to the bottle, which provides the merit of easy and time-saving, preventing messing with spilt liquid, no-need of washing and drying bottle before refilling, no wasting of residual liquid in a refill bag. Also, its simple and clean tone of the product's graphics will perfectly matches kitchen interiors.

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As a product designer, it is very necessary to think about "product packaging" in the whole product system. Therefore, the packaging of this humidifier itself is a part of the product. If the "packaging" is discarded, the humidifier will not work properly, which conveys the designer's goodwill for environmental protection. Unlike other humidifiers, which control the amount of fog by electronic principle, this humidifier controls the amount of fog by pulling the trigger.

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Pah Ji Hue

With tea culture as the brand core, Pah Ji Hue augments cultural and creative tea products. The combination of Taiwan fruit tea and classic dried fruit creates the mellow and smooth taste, echoing with image of rounded can. Meanwhile, the simple and elegant illustration outlines the urban design style. The wooden box is adopted to share products of the two, realizing the effective integrated design and expansion of gift.

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Apollee, Premium Olive Oil. A product that welcomes all consumers to a journey towards the sense of the sublime. Inspired by olive tree trunks and the power of Greek olive groves, this design nods to the bond between Mother Nature and her children, while the high-quality materials lend a unique, tactile feel. That’s how sophistication and a lasting impression are created for an extraordinary culinary and branding experience!

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Mother Nature, the eternal inspiration, leads to an extraordinary design for a traditional way of doing. Logothetis Farm in Zakynthos, Greece, lets the values and importance of the legendary Greek heritage emerge in a dynamic way. The farm to table experience meets the magic of design, storytelling and branding. With a classic and clean identity, and a playful twist for today’s audience, the packaging gives a warm aura that welcomes all consumers to get it!

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Saristi Game

Geometric balance, simplicity and harmony. Saristi herbal infusions. The Cuore e Mente Game. A Journey for the Senses. An impeccable gift. Where does your inner harmony take you today? Discover the energy of Mother Earth teeming within. Discover an exciting package. Play and enjoy. Well, as Carl Jung once said, The creative mind plays with the objects it loves! When the mind, body and soul are aligned, true harmony is found. And when design is added, magic is born!

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