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The Botanic

Designer choose a subtle package design with focus to the handmade wooden lid that tops each container. The combination of dark green and gold foil with wooden lid at top of the jar gives an good impression and makes it like unique gift, while the packaging helps. The Botanic stand out from other honey brands in Lithuania and overseas market.

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314 Pi

Experimenting with wine tasting is a never-ending process leading to new paths and divergent aromas. The infinite sequence of pi, the irrational number with the endless decimals without knowing the last one of them was the inspiration for the name of these wines without sulfites. The design aims to put the features of 3,14 wine series in the spotlight instead of hiding them among pictures or graphics. Following a minimalistic and simple approach, the label shows only the real characteristics of these natural wines as they can be observed in the Oenologist's notebook.

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For India

Xiaomi India's packaging line has a new visual system. The new design wishes to strengthen brand recognition, as well as emphasizes the technological edge of Xiaomi products. The packaging has a carefully designed layout to communicate branding identity. Typographic, color and icon design also ensures that the Xiaomi style remains uniform across products from a wide variety of categories and dimensions. The front design builds a clear structure to display product information. After all, packaging becomes a visual memory and stand apart from market competitors.

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Winetime Seafood

The packaging design for the Winetime Seafood series should demonstrate the freshness and reliability of the product, should differ it favorably from competitors, be harmonious and understandable. The colors used (blue, white and orange) create a contrast, emphasize important elements and reflect brand positioning. The single unique concept developed distinguishes the series from other manufacturers. The strategy of visual information made it possible to identify the product variety of the series, and the usage of illustrations instead of photos made the packaging more interesting.

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The brand line includes the most necessary things: washing powders, washing gel, capsules and stain remover. The name of the brand Love&wash means that washing can bring joy. The letters in the logo repeat the basic idea and are «pressed» to each other. The clothes on the packages correspond to the type of fabric: for example, an orange T-shirt and a denim shirt hug each other on the label of the washing powder for colored clothes. Background color enhances differentiation. Typography complements the modern image of the brand, and the blue color of the text symbolizes freshness and purity.

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The packaging for start-up company shows off these healthy fruit and vegetable chips bare-naked goodness philosophy and playful humor. Their point of difference is that they are made from fruit and vegetable slices, air-dried, with nothing added whatsoever – hence the 'bare-naked' concept. Although black is a bold and unconventional choice for the healthy snack market, the agency chose this to show the product's vibrancy and give it extra shelf shout. The photography captures the product before and after air-drying illustrating the fruit is as good as nature intended.

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