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Snow Time L

Gu Yue Long Shan is the largest group of traditional yellow wine in China, founded in 1664. The new product they created for Gu Yue Long Shan, conveys the idea of enjoying slow time. The graphic design is based on the concepts of water, snow, glutinous rice and time, which are essential in yellow wine, and depicts the local mountains and water to form a complete picture. For female users developed a thin packaging, using pulp press film, and combined with the indentation process, to produce a snow wrap feeling.

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To ensure client's market visibility, a playful look and feel was selected. This approach symbolises all of the brand qualities, original, delicious, traditional and local. The main goal of using new product packaging was to present customers the story behind breeding black pigs and producing traditional meat delicacies of the highest quality. A set of illustrations were created in linocut technique which display craftsmanship. The illustrations themselves present authenticity and urge the customer to think about Oink products, their flavour and texture.

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Dream Of The Blue

Dream of the Blue M6 Plus adopts a luxury design which reflects a modern aesthetics. The blue bottle and gold label with a drip decoration shows a low-key luxury and brings out international taste. It takes "Dream Drop" as the origin of creativity, uses water drop bottle and crystal cover as the styling symbol. The structure is natural and the transition is smooth from top to bottom. With the innovative technology and more high-grade texture of material, the quality has also highly improved. The design integrates modeling, color, craftsmanship and ergonomic function.

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Chinese Mooncake

In order to reproduce the magnificent scene of Tang Palace Music and dance in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, this design uses the perspective of large perspective to set the layout of the outer box, the hand-painted technique of embroidery style to draw the scene of the banquet in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and uses the three-dimensional paper carving to increase the level of packaging. The inner box is to take different dance styles of neon feather dress dance to present, and match with Chinese classical color, which reflects the elegance of Chinese classical culture.

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An innovative, unusual and carefree design to define the identity of these wines. A geometric design that takes its cue from the seventies and enriches it with iconographic elements that represent the characteristics of the Sardinian territory. The design of these labels is studied to give a tactile effect when the bottle is removed, thanks to the paper of the label and the embossing of some parts of it. The goal is to communicate a fresh and youthful, carefree and immediate design suitable for a young audience looking for a quality wine with an intriguing appeal.

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Green Light Tea Garden

Promote the concept of environmental protection, use tea waste to develop recycled paper, highlighting the characteristics of the birthplace of tea production, and good tea will be made with good mountains and water. With the logic of recycling, the public can understand the importance of environmental protection. In the process of drinking tea, care and enthusiasm for the land is generated, hope that the three (people, land, and native species) will have a positive, happy and sustainable life.

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