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Stacy's Rise Project 2019

Staying true to its roots as a company founded by a strong female entrepreneur, Stacy’s Pita Chips made its biggest effort yet to support strong, hard working women throughout Women’s History Month in March 2019 and beyond with the launch of The Rise Project. Stacy’s launched its third annual collection of limited edition bags that feature original artwork from noteworthy female artists.

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Do you know how to use a first aid kit? Do you know the procedure of trauma bandaging? Are you a calm person in an emergency? Whether "yes" or "no", designers have introduced the all-purpose mini First Aid Kit, which is designed for the injury essential needs. The primary objective is to solve the questions above: how to make existing first-aid package design to become user-friendly and make medical items further organized. The secondary purpose is to make the package more portable.

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Lion dance has a long history. It is the product of cultural exchanges between China and the western regions. It is an excellent folk art in China. designed with the lion dance as the symbol, and the opening ceremony of the jackpot is used to increase the visual sense and break through the traditional liquor art so that consumers can see the product in a three-dimensional way.

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Pin Something To Savor

Pin is a creative cookies brand, pioneering unique Asian flavors from red dates to chilli shrimps. Pin, in Chinese means "to savor". Interestingly, the character visually looks like three stacked cubes, hence in the logo design, we placed the English characters Pin into the Chinese character to create a logo that reads simultaneously in both languages. In the series of eight unique cookies flavors, the packaging designs further extends the cube concept, while flavorful ingredients are whimsically illustrated to take center stage, bursting in color and vibrancy.

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Ojas Studio

Ojas Studio is a food and lifestyle brand created for the modern yogi to spread the love and wonder of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of wellness. The 3 date and grain bite recipes are inspired by the 3 doshas. The ingredients on our packaging alongside color coding and icon systems aim to simplify which recipes might be best suited to each dosha. We worked to develop a system that felt approachable and modern, while honoring its ancient roots.

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Lifewtr Series 7: Art through Technology

With its seventh series, Lifewtr sparks inspiration through the exploration of creators working in art and technology. As technology broadens the boundaries of possibilities within art and design, ninety two percent of art organizations agree that technology has made art a more participatory experience, which ultimately helps to diversify audiences. Lifewtr shines a spotlight on this timely cultural tension and three emerging artists, Sarah Ludy, Zach Lieberman, and Andrew Benson.

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