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Omdesign 2017

In order to celebrate the 165 national and international awards Omdesign has won in the last three years, they decided to create this packaging to reinforce their commitment to the future. This package made of burnt wood carries a strong message with a simple gesture, meaning that by working together, people can help return to the forest part of what was destroyed by the fires, as well as what Omdesign takes from it to develop the solutions they create every day. This caricature of a water dispenser, doling out water drop by drop, illustrates Omdesign environmental concern.

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The Mood

The design showcases five different hand drawn, vintage inspired and slightly realistic monkey faces, each one representing a different coffee from a different region. On their head, a stylish, classic hat. Their mild expression evokes curiosity. These dapper monkeys imply quality, their ironic sophistication appealing to coffee drinkers interested in complex flavor characteristics. Their expressions playfully represent a mood, but also allude to the coffee's flavor profile, mild, strong, sour or smooth. The design is simple, yet subtly clever, a coffee for every mood.

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Nordic Bravery

In this design three elements go together well: harsh beauty of Scandinavia, courageous viking and sparkling beer. The central place in the design of the label is graphic illustration, it attracts interest in textual support, makes it more intelligible and convincing. The chosen range of colors makes the label saturated and contrast. This design for beer can be of interest to active, independent and confident people who loves the beauty and purity of nature. The name of the beer and the design complement each other and it is the idea of the designer.

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Metaxa Grande Fine

Metaxa Grande Fine pays tribute to Greece and its aspirational way of living. The original white porcelain decanter, decorated with Greek folk art, helped establish Metaxa Grande Fine as a prized gift. Today it is re-introduced in a limited Collector’s Edition, inspired by its Greek roots, with a new contemporary look, capturing the essence of life and the free spirit of the Aegean Sea. Agean Blue brush strokes, set against the white porcelain bottle reflecting the magnificent light of Greece, give a fresh new look while still maintaining the unique identity of the Metaxa Grande Fine bottle.

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Slid is a drink through disposable lid with an angled design that improves the flow of hot drinks and offers ergonomic references to prevent direct contact between the hand and the drinking hole. The design improves drinkability and addresses sanitation concerns of conventional flat top lids which limits drink flow and often lacks physical or visual references when securing lids on the cup.

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Acqua di Nepi "Magnifica"

The design is made on a carton tube paired with a aluminated printed paper. On the aluminium mirroring paper has been create a special effect printing with Silver Pantone in order to obtain two different silver effects. One is shining and the other, in comparison, appear solid. Above on that we emphasize the design of the label but in a different and more sophisticated style.

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