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The Apothecary

In a market going increasingly digital this project explores the opposite, by transforming invisible concepts and ideas into tangible product. The Apothecary is a handcrafted set of cards focused on creating unique experiences between people and product through interactive design to reflect the curiosity and wonder of the unknown. Intaglio engraved sleeves, sculpted embossing, and touch responsive packaging culminate to craft a truly memorable user experience that is sure to leave a lasting brand impression.

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2017 Collection Day

These limited edition decks focus on changing market views on playing cards from toys to fine art. Created to celebrate the 2nd Annual National Playing Card Collection Day, they epitomize the craftsmanship of card design featuring an innovative new box dubbed the Pluck Tuck with intaglio gold printed design onto opalescent stock. The unique friction sleeve allows the user to easily pluck either box end to reveal the cards inside. The graphic elements display flourishing quatrefoil language throughout to elevate the age and status of the package design, redefining market views of cards.

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Frederik seems to be a different kind of beer bottle. It is named after the brands primary Brewmaster. The whole concept of design is connected to this feature. The design differentiates with its rounded edged square section both at neck and mother body of the bottle which seems as a new kind of idea for pressured beverages. Proportions between its neck and mother body creates a balance between label areas. Due to the square section design, a similar soft square shaped pim has placed on the back side of the bottle. For creating the design, blow and blow glass forming technology is applied.

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William's Conserve

The client wanted a jar for a new conserve brand that was bespoke and that people would want to keep in the centre of the table, not hidden away in a cupboard. The inspiration for the design uses the original Histon signpost as a starting point. The windmill, duck pond, and local boot maker were also incorporated into the design. The choice of William’s rather than WMP Hartley for the branding was to distance the brand from the everyday range and to give a more personal feel to the range.

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World of Zing

We began with a new brand essence – ‘flavour beyond ordinary’. This idea was then brought to life through expressive and playful ways of adding flavour to food and drink: a slap of sauce, a scatter of spice and a mix of spirit. These were then visually expressed through traditional, artistic mark-making techniques that capture both the excitement and involvement of adding some zing to your food and drink. The result is a simple, emotive visual identity that lets the product do the talking.

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Jarosov Brewery

How to distil the richness of Moravian Slovakia folklore into a beer label? We managed to craft a flat background, vector lines and typography into a vibrant ornamental and eye-catching visual style. The design can be further developed to match the type of beer Moravian Slovakia folklore motifs decorate the classic Czech beers, while label designs of the other styles introduce appropriate folklore elements from different regions and cultures (i.e. Stout – Celtic knots).

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