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Tang Chao

Miniaturization, convenience, environmental protection, and health promotion are the biggest characteristics of this packaging design. The small square box design meets the travel tea set requirements. The design of the square box adopts a tenon and mortise structure, without any glue bonding, and uses inexpensive bamboo materials, which is very environmentally friendly. In addition, the rounded corners of the bamboo box also have the function of stimulating the hand reflection area in the traditional Chinese.

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Puli is a double-cap safety pill bottle. The outer cap is connected to the inner cap by tracks. In initial status, the outer cap can be rotated freely while the inner cap will not move. For adult, by pushing the outer cap, two caps will engage by the protrusion and depressions and can be rotated synchronously to open the bottle. For children, it is difficult for them to push the outer cap due to the narrower channel design, thus making the bottle safe.

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Wen Niang

The whole glass bottle designed with an elegant curve. A spreading crane covers over 320 degree of bottle and all details is perfect which endows the wine with life and soul. Crane possesses a lofty position in oriental culture. The glass material differentiates the wine from its competitive brands, who are normally packed in ceramics. Through a modern package of the old wine, the package successfully drawn the young's attention and spread the Chinese culture of crane.

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Jianlibao Wepop

The pixelate effect typeface is the most interesting detail on this bottle. Characters are split out and designed separately, each stroke standing for a different building block, in which pop art is endowed with childish fun. The flexibilities of pixels or building blocks will provide a wide range of applications and combinations. Building blocks and pixels are important graphics representing methods. This kind of illustration may help this product to achieve more effective communication with young consumers.

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Faberlic Supplements

In the modern world, people are constantly exposed to the aggressive effects of external negative factors. Bad ecology, the busy rhythm of life in megalopolises or stresses lead to increased loads on the body. To normalize and improve the functional state of the body, supplements are used. The main metaphor of this project has become the diagram of improving the well-being of a person with the use of supplements. Also, the main graphic element repeats the shape of the letter F - the first letter in the brand name.

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The traditional Japanese preserved food Tsukudani is not well known in the world. A soy sauce-based stewed dish combining various seafood and land ingredients. The new package includes nine labels designed to modernize traditional Japanese patterns and express the characteristics of ingredients. The new brand logo is designed with the expectation of continuing that tradition for the next 100 years.

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